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G.I. Joe and I : )

Welcome to life as we know it! Currently our adventure has our family of 3; G.I. Joe, myself, and our son E located in "colorful Colorado" at our second duty station. So far we are growing together and enjoying life, one day at a time in the Wild West!

All about me:

I am completely new to military life and stay-at-home motherhood. Every day I'm living, creating, and loving my wacky and wonderful definition of domestic bliss! Prior to marrying G.I. Joe in 2012 I was a single mother raising E and working full time as a 3rd grade teacher in a North Carolina public school. But once G.I. Joe came along my world changed forever, for the better. Shortly after our marriage G.I. Joe re-enlisted with the Army and soon thereafter orders came to relocate to Colorado. Never in my life had I lived outside of the state of North Carolina or been so far away from family. I knew that we were in for a new and fantastic adventure! We've learned a lot along the way and I look forward to sharing our life, lessons, and adventures with you!

Sweet E wearing his daddy's ACH

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