Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wet Your Whistle Wednesday: Coffee Shop Copy-cat!

I love fru-fru coffee shop drinks! I especially love those blended ice drinks topped with copious amounts of fresh whipped cream! I'm drooling just typing about it! When I do indulge in one of these coffee shop creations, I go all out. Who actually has enough self control to just order the tall? Not only do I hate the $4.00 price tag, I crave these treats so often that I could easily put us in debt! I had to find a way to make this icy treat at home!!! After making one coffee shop delight at home I realized that being an at home barista had its advantages! I could control the fat content, amount of sugar, amount of coffee (or lack of coffee), etc. I could make my drink any flavor or combination of flavors. This was surely my moment of genius! So after reading about a bazillion recipes, I came up with a tasty knock-off double chocolate chip blended ice beverage!!

Ingredients :
1/4 cup flavored coffee creamer ( vanilla is my fave!)
3/4 cup milk ( I used 2%) 
1 Tbsp sugar, optional
2-3 Tbsp chocolate syrup ( more or less to your liking)
2 cups crushed ice
4 Tbsp chocolate chips ( I was out, so I used crunch bars!)
* if you want the Java Chip flavor, add a couple tablespoons of instant coffee powder*

Once you've gathered your ingredients simply layer in a blender the milk, cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips and sugar ( coffee powder also if you like a coffee flavor). Lastly, add in the crushed ice. By adding the crushed ice last, your blender can work more efficiently, protecting the longevity of your blender's blades, and resulting in a smoother drink!

Once you've added the ingredients to your blender, set your blender to the frappe setting; or if your blender is low tech like mine, the highest setting will do just fine! I always keep the milk and chocolate syrup handy just in case the mixture becomes too thick or chunky, and the chocolate syrup in case it's not chocolatey enough for my liking ; ) Allow the drink to blend until ice is well incorporated and chocolate chips ( or crunch bars :)) are broken into bits!

All that's left is to pour this delicious, icy drink into the cup of your choice, top with whipped cream, or enjoy the drink whipped-topless like I do! This recipe filled the glass you see pictured above TWICE! I definitely enjoyed my $7.00 of savings and the ability to enjoy my drink sans make-up and in my pajamas! Score!

Happy mid-week to you all! I hope you found some time to wet your whistle today with your favorite drink! Next time you're dreaming of fru-fru coffee, and have a minute, take a shot at whipping up your own!! 

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