Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thinking of you Thursday: keeping connected across the miles

Military families "do"distance. They do deployments, and 24 hour duties, and days away in the field. But often people forget the distance military families "do" away from their families, friends, and loved ones "back home". This distance is hard. I myself am incredibly fortunate enough to come from a very close knit family and group of friends. But being so close, made it so much harder to say goodbye. Now we are separated by 1,633 miles and we are all working on showing and sharing our love from afar!

If you, like me, have a school/pre-school aged child, then you are probably inundated with drawings and stories and more creations than your file box can hold. So, I decided to create a little system to share E's creations with those we love "back home." What says " I'm thinking of you and we love you, better than a child's artwork?

As with any at-home project, I gathered a few supplies. I used things I already had at home; a couple of sentence strips, some colored duct tape, and a sharpie. I wanted this system to be simple. I decided I'd make pockets from the sentence strips, one to hold names of family and friends who had not yet received art and one pocket for those who had received something from us. This way we are evenly "spreading the love" and no one would feel left out.

I began by writing the names of our family and friends on little strips of paper I had cut from the larger sentence strip.

I then decided to reinforce the sentence strips by covering them in strips of colored duct tape. I felt this step was essential since I was planning on hanging these pockets on my fridge and could be exposed to water or sticky mess. I used the same process to cover the second half of the sentence strip, except I opted to cover the second strip in black so I could distinguish between the two pockets.

After finishing the pockets, I decided to embellish them with a few drawings. I decided to write "sending all our love to you" on the pocket of soon to be recipients and " you've got mail" on the pocket of those who have already received some love via the mail. I was pretty pleased with the results!!!

This system is going to make the miles that separate us more manageable. We miss our loved ones and think of them every day but this way they can hold a piece of our hearts a little more often. Even if you don't have family far away, this would make an excellent system to use to share those extra creations with family and friends close by!! 

I hope your Thursday was amazing and this post finds you well. Don't forget to share with someone special that they were on your mind today!

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