Monday, October 14, 2013

Makin' Memories on Monday

Lately I've been feeling a little stuck in our every day routine. Don't get me wrong, I am a major control freak and the monotony of our daily routine is usually comforting. But lately I've wanted to slow down, take in the crisp fall air, and spend time reconnecting with my two favorite guys. So today, we decided to do just that. We packed up the fishing gear, some fun little "what-nots" for E, a picnic lunch, and headed to a local park for some quality time together!

We decided to enjoy our picnic lunch by the lake, a special spot we'd all been to once before. When picnicking I've found it helpful to keep a few essentials packed in the cooler, ready to go. In my cooler bag I always have a plastic grocery bag,to act as a picnic trash bag, a plastic tablecloth, the disposable kind from the dollar store work well, plastic plates, utensils, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. By having these items already packed and ready to go all I have to worry about is making the food for our adventure. Having these picnic essentials on hand are guaranteed to make your picnic go smoothly. 

After enjoying our lunch by the lake, G.I. Joe decided it was time  to find the perfect fishing spot while E and I decided to explore nature around us.

E really enjoyed collecting rocks, leaves, and twigs and putting them into a sandwich baggy I brought along. The key to an enjoyable day at the park is to have plenty of activities to please the smallest of your picnic guests. I brought along a book about spiders, several sandwich bags, some bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. I knew we'd all be able to enjoy the day if E was well occupied outdoors!

E really enjoyed interacting with his surroundings. It was refreshing to watch him marvel at the simple things in life.Spending time like this gave me the opportunity to reconnect and teach my boy, in the moment. We talked about the changing leaves, and why trees shed their leaves in the fall. We spied a ladybug and discussed how they're thought to be good luck. We had close encounters with a squirrel and a goose and talked about why we shouldn't touch them and why they might be so interested in us. It was beautiful.

Just before we decided to pack up and head home E decided that he was ready to be like dad, and the two bonded over the opportunity to catch "the big one."  It was precious to see G.I. Joe slow down and take the time to teach E about something that he loves.

 Making memories doesn't have to cost a thing. It's about spending time reconnecting and focusing on what's most important to you. When it's all said and done, this is how I want our son to remember us, breaking out of the norm to make memories on a Monday! 

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  1. How quickly we forget that, sometimes, it is the simple things that bring us the most pleasure! Thanks for the reminder!